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Atmosphere Research is an independent, objective strategic market research and advisory firm serving the global travel industry. We help our clients anticipate and understand emerging trends and develop actionable strategies to help make them more successful.

New research about travelers and the Boeing 737 MAX!

No commercial aircraft has generated the levels of concern and anxiety among airline passengers as the Boeing 737 MAX. How will passengers react when the plane is allowed to return to service? What actions do Boeing, the FAA, and airlines need to consider to regain their trust? And what media and platforms will be most effective?

To learn how travelers feel, Atmosphere recently surveyed 2,000 US airline passengers. The findings areĀ compelling:

  • More than 7 in 10 passengers know the 737 MAX has been grounded.

  • Just 19% of business passengers and 14% of leisure passengers would definitely fly the plane in the first six months after it is allowed to return to service.

  • Nearly half of leisure passengers would consider taking a flight using a plane other than the 737 MAX, even if it cost them $80 more round trip.

  • A detailed video that shows and explains the safety changes made to the 737 MAX will be the most effective communications tool to regain travelersā€™ trust.

This report is no longer available.

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